• Connect Your Employees One-on-One for Better Collaboration

Spark cultivates relationships that matter.

We help companies, associations and other organizations connect people one-on-one
for greater collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing.

The Spark Collaboration platform matches your employees face-to-face for real time social interactions. By meeting over coffee, a quick lunch or video, people can build valuable working relationships with co-workers to help accomplish an immediate task or lay the groundwork for future collaboration and innovation.
Connecting your employees face-to-face and moving those relationships forward takes time. Spark can get you there faster.

Create Better Connections

Spark encourages employees to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships – contributing to better employee engagement.

Inspire Innovation

Bringing people together creates connections across countries and business units, fostering a culture of inspiration and innovation among colleagues.

Knowledge Management

Introducing employees to one another helps colleagues to create informal connections that can reinvent how people share information across your business.

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How Spark drives businesses forward

Check out just a few of the ways companies are using Spark:

Creating Cross-Department Networks

Developing meaningful connections within your company is just as essential as the business network you’re cultivating outside your company. So, when you can get people out of their silos and openly and honestly talking to each other, everyone wins. Read More >

Enhancing Talent Development

Finding and keeping top talent is no longer an HR issue but a strategic business priority. To overcome these challenges, companies need to build lasting relationships with their employees by empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. Read More >

Promoting Diversity

Promoting discussion among affinity groups and Employee Resource Groups is another way companies can positively impact their employee retention efforts, promote leadership and development at all ranks, build an internal support system within a company and encourage diversity and inclusion among employees at all levels. Read More >

Mentors Help Drive Employee Engagement

Don’t underestimate the importance of peer support and socialization. The more employees get to know each other on a personal level, the more they feel like they fit in to a company’s culture. The right mentor can get a new employee up to speed faster at work. Read More >

“In a hyper connected world, finding time for face-to-face connection is a challenge. Spark Collaboration employs serendipity to tackle this in a simple, effective and methodical way.”

Pedro Medina Yo Creo En Colombia

How Spark Works

Join. Connect. Meet Up.

Set up in minutes!

Spark setup is quick and easy and allows your organization to create campaigns that reflect your unique goals. Just a few simple steps will get you started:

Decide who should meet. Get one department connected with another department, client, or vendor. Link people who have to know and trust one another in order to achieve success on a project or task.

Set the Specifics. Decide start and end dates, establish frequency of meet ups, and set your own rules. Then sit back, monitor metrics and company participation.

Get Engaged. Log in to see current and upcoming meetups and update profiles. Watch as morale, attendance and inspiration bloom in the workplace.

“Spark is such a big hit at FiveStars. We have a slack channel called #community that is flooded with spark stories daily. 200 people are now registered and we are a 350 person company. Spark is even a verb here!”

Courtney Bigony, FiveStars

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