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Spark Collaboration’s Michael Soto gives Keynote at ‘C3: Connectedness and Collaboration for Capacity’

C3: Connectedness and Collaboration for Capacity Nearly 100 community leaders representing non-profit, for-profit and state agencies came together for the 6th annual Community Engagement Day November 11-12, 2016 at UNT Dallas. Michael Soto, co-founder of Spark Collaboration, was the keynote speaker. The … Read More

Why does focusing on Cross-Selling Not Work?

Why does focusing on Cross-Selling Not Work? By: Sid Shah and Michael Soto   Large firms have vast internal resources that often go un-leveraged. Among these are an array of existing relationships with clients.  It is common knowledge in the … Read More

Spark Collaboration’s Michael Soto explains how to “Create Powerful Organizational Networks”

FREE WEBINAR: Create Powerful Organizational Networks Spark Collaboration co-founder Michael Soto will discuss how to create powerful organizational networks that increase employee engagement, productivity and innovation. Spark builds upon the success of “Randomised Coffee Trials,” a process Michael helped design … Read More