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The 8 Most Common Ways People Fail at Networking

The 8 Most Common Ways People Fail at Networking This is a guest post by Adam Connors, Founder and CEO of NetWorkWise. He is the producer of the podcast Conversations with Connors that highlights an eclectic group of successful people and how … Read More

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Organizational Network Analysis & Relationship Building

The Innovation Kaleidoscope Co-written by Jean Singer, co-editor of The Organizational Network Fieldbook, & Michael Soto, co-founder of Spark Collaboration. There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put … Read More

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Possibility Oriented Awareness

How To Discover Opportunities Hidden In Everyday Interactions Authors: Michael Soto and Dave Fleming, author of Tribal Alchemy — Think back to the moment you met a person who is now important in your life. Can you remember where you were? … Read More

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Speed Networking

An Alternative to Speed Networking

What Would Slow Networking Look Like? Speed networking Speed Networking is a meeting format with a structured activity where individuals are paired for a short period of time (e.g. 5 minutes) and then switch to someone new each time a … Read More

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‘Collaborative Overload’ – A Response

‘Collaborative Overload’ – A Response There are countless stories of conversations that did not happen, but should have.  Coworkers unknowingly doing duplicate work, as well as seemingly unsolvable challenges whose answer is less than a skip, jump or hop away.  … Read More

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The Network That Keeps On Giving

Typically when people think about networking they refer to making connections that help them obtain goods, services, land a new job, or earn a promotion. In all these examples one is benefitting by taking from someone else. Whether in personal … Read More

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Spark Friendships Boost Focus

Friendships Boost Focus At Work

Employee engagement is at the heart of every organization and its success. In order to move a business forward, everyone on the team needs to work together support the mission and vision of the organization. One key factor driving employee … Read More

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Relationships: The Key to Increased Productivity and Creativity

At some point, you’ve probably stopped to think about someone you know, “Wow, she has very good ideas.”  Since ideas are expressed to us by an individual, it seems natural to recognize this person for their views and by extension … Read More

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Spark Meetings

The Big Impact of Small Meetings

The twin challenges that All Staff meetings respond to are how to communicate effectively and at scale. While they may be the most direct manner to communicate to everyone in the company, the approach is filled with flaws. In the … Read More

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