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Spark innovation in your workplace

Silos prevent information from flowing effectively and prevents teams from collaborating. Spark Collaboration brings people together by connecting them with people they would not normally meet.

Research has shown that making space and time to connect with colleagues leads to a more productive, innovative and happier workplace.

Get the platform that sparks connection and encourages information and ideas to flow naturally.

It’s the crossroad of serendipity and productivity.

Create Better Connections

Spark encourages employees to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships – contributing to better employee engagement.

Inspire Innovation

Bringing people together creates connections across countries and business units, fostering a culture of inspiration and innovation among colleagues.

Knowledge Management

Introducing employees to one another helps colleagues to create informal connections that can reinvent how people share information across your business.

How Companies Are Using Spark

Integrating Across Multiple Offices

Pairing employees across multiple offices for video chats allows innovation and ideas to prosper among people in different roles, regions and offices.

Driving Employee Engagement

Creating active connections with the larger team and organization creates higher levels of employee engagement–leading to a better bottom line.
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Pairing Mentors with Mentees

Connecting mentors with potential mentorees can spark conversations that promote career development across levels of the company.
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Creating Cross-Department Networks

Encouraging employees to make new connections across departments and silos can create a culture of open communication and collaboration.

Enhancing Talent Development

Collaboration impacts multiple talent development processes, including onboarding, career development and rentention of top talent.

Promoting Diversity

Promoting discussion among affinity groups and Employee Resource Groups helps support retention, professional development and the support of diversity initiatives across the company.

What The Experts Say

In a hyper connected world, finding time for face-to-face connection is a challenge. Spark Collaboration employs serendipity to tackle this in a simple, effective and methodical way.
Pedro Medina Yo Creo En Colombia
Spark helps create exciting opportunities for serendipity to strike. It’s a powerful catalyst for better collaboration and communication, based on the simple premise of bringing people together.
Stephann Makri City University of London
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Our Story

Randomised Coffee Trials

Spark Collaboration was built on the success of Randomised Coffee Trials (RCTs), a manual process co-designed in 2012 by Jon Kingsbury and Michael Soto at Nesta, the UK innovation foundation. RCTs pair staff with a new coworker from across the company on a fixed interval (weekly, monthly etc) to get to know each other over coffee and learn about what projects they are working on.  Nesta’s experience with RCTs was documented in the ‘Institutionalising Serendipity’ blog series and received widespread attention, being adopted by a range of organizations, including UK government bodies, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the International Federation for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

How Spark Works

Join. Connect. Meet Up.

Behind the scenes, the Spark Collaboration platform matches people face-to-face for real time social interactions. By meeting over coffee, lunch or video, people can create real social connections that can help them be more innovative, connected, and ultimately more productive. Spark setup is quick and easy, and allows your organization to create campaigns that reflect your unique goals.

Just a few simple steps will get you started:

  1. Decide who should meet. Get one department connected with another department, client, or vendor.
  2. Set the Specifics. Decide start and end dates, establish frequency of meet ups, and set custom rules with your own criteria. Then monitor metrics and participation.
  3. Get Engaged. Log in to see current and upcoming meetups and update profiles. Watch as morale, attendance and inspiration bloom in the workplace.