C3: Connectedness and Collaboration for Capacity

Nearly 100 community leaders representing non-profit, for-profit and state agencies came together for the 6th annual Community Engagement Day November 11-12, 2016 at UNT Dallas. Michael Soto, co-founder of Spark Collaboration, was the keynote speaker. The event was a collaborative effort with UNT Dallas, the State Fair of Texas and United Way.

About Community Engagement Day

Community Engagement Day 2016 was hosted by the University of North Texas at Dallas School of Human Services, the State Fair of Texas, and United Way. The focused theme this year was on the importance of connectedness and collaboration for capacity building within community based organizations. The goal of the event was to create communities of practice by providing an environment for nonprofits to connect with one another and initiate or join coalitions to further advance community building. By building collaborative relationships, organizations can educate one another, share resources and ultimately enhance programs which can result in increased social capital, securing funding and transforming the lives of those served.

Read the University of North Texas at Dallas Press Release.

See the event flyer for ‘C3: Connectedness and Collaboration for Capacity’

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