This week The International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Spark Collaboration won top honors in the International category at the inaugural North American Employee Engagement Awards.

The Employee Engagement Awards and Conference inspires, recognizes and celebrates the people companies who remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose. Winners were selected by an exclusive panel of judges and announced on June 17th, 2015 following a conference held during the day.

The IFRC and Spark Collaboration partnered in 2014 to create an initiative to connect members globally. As the world’s largest humanitarian organization, comprising 430,000 staff and 17 million volunteers in 189 countries – the size and scope of the International Red Cross presents a great strength and challenge for engagement among its members.

Using Spark, IFRC was able to systematically connect several hundred members across over 30 countries via video chat for professional learning development. Participants from across IFRC have expressed how their Spark Collaboration initiative, called Randomised Coffee Trials, has provided insight into different levels of the organization that they may not normally have had access to. It has been a source of peer support and relief to find others are dealing with the same challenges but with unique approaches that could also be adopted locally. It has been described as interesting, inspiring, informative and a novel manner to broaden networks.

We at Spark Collaboration are honored to have played a part in supporting the initiative with our software platform that fostered spaces for one-one dialogue on a global scale in 3 languages.

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