The Network That Keeps On Giving

Typically when people think about networking they refer to making connections that help them obtain goods, services, land a new job, or earn a promotion. In all these examples one is benefitting by taking from someone else. Whether in personal … Read More

Relationships: The Key to Increased Productivity and Creativity

At some point, you’ve probably stopped to think about someone you know, “Wow, she has very good ideas.”  Since ideas are expressed to us by an individual, it seems natural to recognize this person for their views and by extension … Read More

Spark Network Everywhere

Network Everywhere, Everyday

Many of us often dread going to networking events, yet see it as a necessary evil.  The popular adage it isn’t what you know but who you know seems to command attendance. The organizers of the events have the best … Read More

Spark Face To Face

Just Walk Over

In a digital age, it is easy to overlook the value of meeting face to face.  With the array of social media channels around today it is often easy to find quite a bit of information about others online, whether … Read More

The Structure of Your Network

Every organization has an organizational chart which gives a summary of which people work on the same team or who each employee reports to within the group.  While the chart defines roles in its formal sense, the chart fails to … Read More

Make Eye Contact

It is remarkably easy to look at someone’s “500+ connections” on LinkedIn and jump to the conclusion that the person in question is very well connected.  Across the board social network sites provide an easily quantifiable number of contacts to measure … Read More

Past the Awkward Silence

For many people the mere word ‘networking’ generates discomfort.  There are limitless sources of advice for how to best manage the awkwardness of networking events – a quick search surfaces recommendations from Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, and Harvard Law … Read More

Collaborative Drawing

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with art.  I live in awe of artists and hate that I don’t feel like an artist.  For me, it is something magical – a pure expression from the soul.  Art exists as a … Read More

Reigning In Randomness

Reflecting over the year that has just come to an end, I can’t help but focus on serendipity and, what I have at times called, ‘the value of what one doesn’t know’.  A year ago, I published To happy coincidences and … Read More